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Our university must comply with the precautionary and sustainability principle and the legal requirements of § 6 (1); (2) KrWG make a significant contribution to avoiding waste, preparing it for reuse and recycling. If these measures do not work, energy recovery must be ensured. In principle, priority should be given to those measures that best guarantee the protection of people and the environment. The avoidance principle goes hand in hand with the obligation to procure products that

  • are durable, easy to repair, reusable or recoverable,

  • lead to less waste or less waste than other products and

  • produced by preparation for reuse or recycling.


This contribution is aimed at all university members equally, because everyone can contribute to avoiding waste, recycling and thus reducing waste disposal.

Mädchen, die einen Papierkorb tragen

Our goals:

  • Avoidance, separation / recycling of waste and savings in disposal costs

  • Minimizing the use of materials and energy due to the role model and multiplier effect

  • Raising awareness of resource-efficient procurement

  • Establishing sustainable waste management including cyclical evaluation of functionality

  • Transparent, legally compliant disposal processes

Did you know that…

  • We were able to cope with the resources of one earth 50 years ago and now need 1.7 earths?

  • we have been living on credit since July 29, 2021, the so-called "Earth Overload Day" until the end of the year, because in the past seven months we have already used up all the resources that the earth was able to provide us with for this year?

  • infinite growth not working on a finite planet?

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