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#GREENOFFICE is a virtual platform brought into being by the climate protection management, which is supposed to bundle and structure climate protection-promoting activities of our university in a digitized way. This platform is available to all university members at any time. Together, #GREENOFFICE should be continuously developed and become the first sustainable think tank at our university.

Our focus is on the sectors strategy & communication, energy management, mobility, waste management, as well as outdoor facilities & biodiversity. The work order includes the following points:

  1. Understand potential                                              The climate protection management  recognizes existing challenges and communicates technical approaches to the university public together with the # GREENOFFICE community.

  2. Show possible solutions                                          #GREENOFFICE shows the way to a more climate-friendly university with the help of concrete and proven practical examples in different time horizons. Internal know-how, external advice and supra-regional networking are used for this purpose. The sensitive and at the same time convinced reference to the necessity of sensible climate and environmental protection measures is of central importance here.

  3. Establish transparency                                       Efforts to make an efficient contribution to climate and environmental protection must always be communicated and addressed transparently. The climate protection management stands for an open and fair exchange in the matter and tries to translate meaningful impulses from all corners of the university into results. #GREENOFFICE helps with this.

  4. Secure participation                                                  The climate protection management advocates thinking holistically about meaningful adaptation and change processes and thinking holistically and equally distributing the resulting burden and relief. Regional and supra-regional networking, suitable participation formats and active design by our TuDulers will strengthen the consensus for change.

  5. NextGen HSMW                                                  The climate change management wants to show his work and, together with #GREENOFFICE all university members attractive futures and to motivate them to invest in climate-friendly and greener university. Short, medium and long-term advantages should be shown and lead to a perspective vision of our university with different time horizons.


Motivational picture 

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