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The building and energy management at universities essentially includes the establishment and maintenance of infrastructures for performing the core tasks of "teaching and research". The complexity of the building systems creates living and working spaces that guarantee the comfort, health and satisfaction of the users and thus make an important contribution to cooperation. In particular, ecological, economic and social aspects are part of sustainable building management, which are equally considered in order to be able to counter problems such as resource scarcity and climate change. Due to the intensive use of material and monetary resources, the considerable energy and material flows during operation and the resulting environmental impact, it is very important to deal with the issues of sustainability in building and energy management at our university.

Timeline Integriertes Klimaschutzkonzept
Einladung zur Auftaktveranstaltung (Flyer)

Angefangen über die Erfassung des IST-Zustandes, der Potenzialanalyse und ersten Erkenntnissen zur THG- Bilanzierung für den Campus, mündete die Veranstaltung in einem Ausblick auf kommende Aktivitäten im nächsten Jahr (u.a. umfangreiche Mitglieder-befragung, Workshop zur Maßnahmenkatalogisierung“. Die Terminierung wird vom Klimaschutzmanagement vorbereitet und entsprechend verkündet. Die Veranstaltungsunterlagen finden Sie unter folgender Verlinkung:

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