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In recent years, environmental and sustainability communication has grown in importance for companies and organizations. Our university is also dedicated to the topic of sustainability and is creating an integrated climate protection concept  as a starting point for all future sustainable activities. With the establishment of an efficient communication strategy, stakeholder groups can be actively involved and sustainability-related topics of a university can be spread in a targeted manner. As part of a communication concept, the creation of awareness and sensitization of internal and external interest groups, as well as the inclusion through participation measures, are the basis of a long-term transformation process at our university.

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Our goals:

  • Improving sustainability performance

  • Implementation of social responsibility

  • Offers for the interaction and participation of internal stakeholders

  • Inclusion of external stakeholders through a stakeholder dialogue

  • Creation of acceptance and transparency

  • Increase in the reputation of the university and the profile within the university landscape

Did you know that…

  • Is there a sustainability map of Germany on which the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is also represented?


  • Of around 420 German universities, only 151 operate institutionalized climate and environmental protection for their own location?

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