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The climate and environmental protection management of our university currently consists of a small team, which is primarily responsible for the creation of the integrated climate protection concept  responsible for. This means that we have to deal intensively with strategic and interlinking matters. The many implementation ideas and activities can hardly be implemented or only very slowly with the limited resources. We therefore see so-called TU DU'S as a solution for the division of labor. It is intended to be a useful tool for all university members in which sustainable measures can be initiated and listed in a structured manner. We are equally happy about students, employees and teachers who want to get involved in the process with project ideas and meaningful measures. A clear advantage is our clear organizational structure and the direct line to the university management.

Visuelles Projekt

What are my duties as

TU DUler: in?

A TU DUler: being in means getting the project idea off the ground and accompanying it. Depending on the type and scope of the project, this can be more or less complex. Small projects may be implemented very quickly and without great effort, others require more development time and therefore more participants. Regardless of whether the project can be reconciled with your work and specialist area or if you are simply interested in the topic: definitely talk to us. It is important to us that you regularly bring us up to date and communicate the progress of the project transparently. Possible aspects of project work can be:

  • Project ideas : get creative, orientate yourself on good practice examples from other universities or ask mentors to find one or more good variants that are suitable for the HSMW

  • Research : research what information and experiences have already been made with the subject at the HSMW

  • Knowledge : find out who can be the contact person for the topic at the HSMW or who has the relevant expertise

  • Solo or in a collective : if necessary, win over other people for the implementation and form a small project team

  • Determination : analyze where the challenges and opportunities for the successful implementation of the project lie and define a goal. Work team & motivation - TU DU'S 09/11/2021

  • Shopping list : break down which resources are required (e.g. technology, financing, time, personnel) and coordinate and / or procure them

  • Mentoring : stay on the ball, answer questions about the project, cherish and maintain the project, become the contact person at #GREENOFFICE for your project, give help to other / new TU DU members

  • Implementation : organizing, tinkering, working, networking, communicating and much more are part of it

  • Evaluation : check whether the goal desired at the beginning has been achieved and the university members also rate the implementation as a success

If you feel addressed by one of our ideas, would like to be part of it or even want to contribute your own idea, then get in touch with us.

For which projects are

TU DUler: Looking for inside?


Since our university is still at the beginning of a sustainable development, the door is wide open for your own project planning and the field of sustainable campus design is rich. This will change when concrete measures from the catalog of measures of the integrated climate protection concept  to be addressed.

Otherwise, just take a look at the list below to see if there is already something suitable for you. We are aware that, due to lack of space, the short description only describes in a few words what it is or could be about. You can always contact us if something is unclear and you need a little more information for a more precise idea.

How is a: e TU DU'ler: in supported?  


The university's climate and environmental protection management team will be happy to assist you at any time. As a team, we pass on our experience to you, arrange contacts or take over communication with decision-makers, if that should be necessary. We also try to communicate the projects and their current status or the results via the university's media and on #GREENOFFICE. If financial resources are necessary, we can look together to see how eligible your project is and from which pots can be acquired for this.

What if I can think of a new project?

Great thing! We look forward to suggestions from all over the university. Just get in touch with us with your suggestion. It is best to use the contact form below the lists. We are excited!

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